Demand Gen solutions

Marketing Goals

A Marketing Partner like Smart Advise has a team of experts who understand progressive Marketing and Sales Goals. We help you engineer your marketing goals, whether it’s driving more visitors to your assets’ landing pages or generating more pipeline, with end-to-end marketing campaign management.  

At Smart Advise, we have experience working with enterprises across the funnel and across multiple marketing channels such as Intent Based Marketing, ABM, Content Syndication, Event & On-Demand Based Marketing etc. We understand your marketing goals and inbound principles to make them our own, helping you optimize your goals by cost, time & quality.


A digital marketing KPI (or Key Performance Indicator) is a metric that indicates the success of a digital marketing campaign. 


These metrics are based on a specific set of business goals that marketing can support. These goals line up to the objective of strategic marketing implementations such as Lead Nurturing, Lead Qualification, B2B Contact Discovery & Data Enrichment. 


Business leaders always expect to measure the success of marketing efforts using the above implementations. At Smart Advise we not only help in facilitating & deploying these metrics, but we also track performance against every story point on an agile scale of continuous improvement optimized by cost, quality & time.