Tech Driven Insights

Introducing SAIbr™,
The new benchmark for AI based Insights platform for all your Market research needs

SAIbr is a modular platform with multiple AI/ML capabilities that allow insights from unconventional data sources, such as images, video, voice & text across quantitative and qualitative settings that enable faster, more accurate and cognitive insights driving marketing decisions. 

Agile Research Through Communities

Smart Advise’s can help build or onboard already existing communities that fit your target audience. SAIbr with its modular and flexible research capabilities can help conduct any types of quantitative or qualitative research.

AI Enriched Insights

SAIbr enables us to measure respondent’s engagement levels and decode their facial expressions to identify whether a feedback given in research settings are valid to be considered for analytics which helps improve the accuracy of insights. Eye tracking and other AI stack allow us to conduct ad, campaign tests in a more agile and uncover consumers’ suppressed feedbacks which are not verbal or written.

Advanced Research Analytics (ARA – GPT based AI Insights Tool)

Advanced Research Analytics allows clients to time travel back by bringing data from past. SAIbr™ analyzes any data (Panels, Quali group transcripts, Internal data like emails, feedback forms and Online conversations) from past or utilizes community discussion to ideate new conversations for its analytics Engine to process
SAIbrTM has an inbuilt GPT tool that allows marketers and insights professionals put up questions to ARA and the backend analytics allows data to be pulled across multiple sources to formulate the insights/responses.